10 Easy Ways To Ditch 250 Calories a Day


10 Easy Ways To Ditch 250 Calories a Day

You won’t need me to tell you that it can feel tough to ditch 250 calories – sometimes it feels like running uphill. There’s so much that needs to be done, working out is hard, and there are just not enough hours in the day. There are easy ways to lose weight, though, and if you keep it up, you’ll lose two pounds per month.

Here are some of my favorite methods to ditch 250 calories each day!


Cereal might be ideal for grabbing a quick breakfast, but it’s also known for being packed with sugar. The other big problem? Nutritionists report that people usually pour more than three times the recommended serving. Start measuring out how much you actually need, and you’ll ditch 250 calories off your first meal, every day. Win.


Giving up coffee completely can seem an unrealistic dream, but you can cut down on the amount of damage it does! The average Frappuccino contains over 410 calories and 15 grams of fat, and it’s more if you buy from a coffee shop. Switch to a skinny frap, and you won’t even notice the 250 calorie difference.


Recent times have seen an increase of food being available in the office, after business studies showed that it encourages people to feel at home and therefore spend more. That bowl of small sweets could be your downfall, though – they are very easy to snack on without thinking, and a handful tends to be at least 270 calories.


Got children? They aren’t just great at spending money – they can be serious calorie burners, too! An hour of swimming, running around or big art projects will easily burn 250 calories, and tire out the little one too. It’ll even be great stress relief. Schedule that play date now!


There’s plenty of jokes about sampling food, but the truth is, it can make a big difference to your weight. Don’t ‘test’ food while it’s cooking, don’t eat off your children’s plate, and don’t try testers in supermarkets. It’s all mindless calories, and it can add up! Swap them for something you really want and really enjoy, instead – or bank them up and save the 250.


Vegetables are supposed to be healthy – but the way you cook them could be ruining their good reputation. Vegetable oil and butter both contain about 120 calories per spoon, and the sautéing vegetables requires about 4 spoons to stop the veggies sticking. Which is an extra 480 calories, absorbed into your food. Use broth instead, which is about 28 calories, to instantly save 250.


Eating out can be a minefield for dieters. What’s allowed? What’s not? Most restaurants don’t put a calorie count next to their dishes, and that could be for good reason – studies show most restaurant dishes are four times bigger than the recommended serving size. Beat the bloat without skipping eating out by ordering two starters instead of a main course. It’ll be much smaller, and they usually contain just the right blend of lean proteins and carbs.


Whether it’s the cinema or a friend’s party, “fresh” popcorn snacks are all the rage. But they aren’t that great for your body. Cinema popcorn is covered in flavorings, and a large popcorn contains 1,030 calories. Wow! Take a 100-calorie handbag sized bag instead, and you’ll save over 930 calories, and plenty of money too.


Think that walking a short distance is pointless? It’s definitely not. Three brisk fifteen minute walks is all you need to burn 250 calories, and you can easily that fit in by walking the dog, going to get a coffee or walking for the train. If you can fit them in to your working day, you won’t even notice the time disappear, and you are likely to be much less stressed. Win.


Fit your exercise in and have an amazing house by using cleaning as exercise. Manually washing your dishes, vacuuming or mopping your floors, tidying up and cooking a homemade meal will burn off 250 calories in no time, and you’ll feel pretty house proud, too!

Once you’ve found a few ways that work for you, stick with them, and you’ll soon see results! I’ve even been challenging myself to work faster and burn the calories off in a quicker time. It’s addictive! Do you know any great ways to ditch 250 calories? I’d love to hear them!


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One thought on “10 Easy Ways To Ditch 250 Calories a Day

  1. My favorite way to ditch the 250 is simple. Fidget! I can’t do a lot of exercises at present, because my ribs were bruised (over enthusiastic bear hug from my sweetie), so mainly all I can do is walk.

    But I can sneak in extra movement while I am working around my house. Step back and forth while waiting for my puppy to come back inside, pump and wave arms while TV commercials are on, take the time to go to another room to put stuff away NOW instead of later. Dance or just flourish arms 🙂 to a short trill of music, step away from stove and back while cooking… It all counts!

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