Fat-Burning Chocolate Pudding Recipe


#Fat-Burning Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Try This Absolutely Delicious (and Healthy) Fat-Burning Chocolate Pudding Recipe   …

A pudding recipe that’s high fiber, high protein, full of healthy fats, and low in sugar!!

Well, I’ve totally outdone myself with today’s healthy chocolate pudding recipe… this is damn good!!

As you know, I always look for ways to make seemingly unhealthy foods into healthy fat-burning versions. Some popular recipes of mine in the past were when I made a truly healthy chocolate fudge (super popular), as well as my recipe for the worlds healthiest cheese steak.

But today, I want to show you my recipe for an amazingly healthy fat-burning chocolate pudding that’s high in fiber, healthy fats, protein, and low in sugar, with ZERO artificial sweeteners and NO added sugars!

I know… I’m like a mad scientist with this stuff. But I actually got the idea for this recipe from Mens Fitness magazine… however, I changed it all around because I didn’t like some of their ingredients, plus their recipe was too high in sugar in my opinion…and I added more protein and healthy fats.

Some of the ingredients may sound weird for a “pudding”, but trust me, everybody I know that’s tried this has loved it!

Here’s the Healthy Fat-Burning Chocolate Pudding

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