The Top Fat-Burning Foods


Five Foods to Boost Metabolism & Burn Fat

The harder you make your metabolism work, the more fat you will burn. How do you make your metabolism work harder? It’s simple: eat whole, unrefined foods. Unlike processed foods that are easy for the metabolism to break down, whole foods are harder and require more work to break down during the digestion process. It’s a win-win situation because your metabolism enjoys the hard work AND benefits from the natural, unprocessed foods that help you feel fuller, longer. Here are five natural, whole foods that can boost your metabolism and help you burn fat.

Avocado: Containing a unique combination of essential fatty acids, monounsaturated fats and antioxidants, avocado is a natural anti-inflammatory food that helps maintain clean, healthy blood vessels, which increases metabolism efficiency.

Beans: Packed with high resistant starch and fibre, beans are no easy task to break down. In fact, when you eat whole beans, you body starts to use extra stored energy (calories) to help with the digestion process. This increases your metabolism production, which naturally burns excess fat.

Chili Peppers: Add a little heat to your next meal for a healthy metabolism! Chili peppers contain natural compounds that not only scorch your mouth, but also your fat (e.g., burn 50 to 100 calories after a spicy meal). And keep this in mind: the hotter the chili, the better the boost.

Green Tea: The two ingredients in green tea that work together to form a potent metabolism boosting, fat burning duo are caffeine and catechins (specific form of antioxidant). These ingredients are believed to stimulate the nervous system, which directly increases the metabolism and burns fat.

Coffee: Coffee is potent with natural caffeine that gives you the perky feeling in the morning! When you drink coffee, your metabolism production goes up by 15 percent, which helps strengthen immunity and slims the waist line.

For some individuals, increasing metabolism to help burn fat can be difficult. Supplements such as: Acai Metabolism Boost, Artichoke Extract, Pyruvate, and Raspberry Ketone can effectively boost metabolism, burn fat and increase energy