10 Foods Proven to Help Fight Cellulite


10 Foods That Fight Cellulite

Cellulite is a woman’s nightmare and it is something that women want to get rid of regardless of their age and weight. There are claims that certain foods can fight cellulite but is this true or just another myth? Let’s find out.

Ten foods that fight cellulite

1. Water

Although not technically a food, water is shown to be the most effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Being well hydrated is essential for healthy skin, which in turn helps to hide the appearance of cellulite. Fat cells appear more prominent beneath dehydrated unhealthy skin, so continually drinking water throughout the day is essential to improve the appearance of problem areas.

It can also be beneficial to eat foods that have high moisture content such as melon, grapes, tomatoes, leafy vegetables and cucumbers. Not only do these provide you with extra fluid, but they also contain valuable nutrients and are low in calories, which can help reduce fat formation.

 2. Essential Fatty acids

Foods high in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are thought to improve the appearance of cellulite. These must be obtained from food. It is thought that these types of fat improve blood vessel health and therefore circulation, leading to decreased appearance of cellulite. Good sources of omega-3 include salmon, sardines, canola and olive oils and walnuts. Omega-6 fatty acids are found in foods such as safflower and sunflower oil and soy beans.

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3. Unsaturated Fats

Mono and poly unsaturated fats have been shown to have beneficial effects on skin health. By eating foods high in these types of fats, the health of your skin may improve, minimizing the appearance of cellulite. Good sources of mono and poly unsaturated fats include nuts and seeds avocado, vegetable oils such as canola or olive and fish.

4. Lean protein

A diet high in lean protein may help to increase satiation, leading you to consume less calories. This in turn leads to less build of fat cells in problem areas lessening the appearance of cellulite. A diet high in protein also helps to build muscle, which can help give a more toned appearance to the affected areas. Good sources are fish and seafood, nuts, lean meat with visible fat removed and chicken without skin.

5. Whole grains

Whole grains provide valuable vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre in our diet. The University of Maryland Medical centre suggests a high fibre diet, for people wishing to avoid cellulite as a high fibre diet is beneficial for weight management and may also increase skin health due to healthy fats found in seeds. To increase your whole grain intake, choose wholegrain varieties of bread and cereals, brown rice and pasta, and try foods such as quinoa and barely.

6. Fruit

Fruit is essential in any healthy diet to provide a range of vitamins and fibre. Most fruits are also high in fluid and low in calories, making them ideal for weight loss and the improvement of cellulite. It has been suggested by some sources that bananas and papaya are particularly effective in cellulite prevention due to their high potassium content.

It has been suggested that potassium decreases water retention and increases lymphatic drainage, which may improve cellulite, but there is little scientific evidence to support this at this stage. Cranberries and other berries may also be beneficial due to their high antioxidant content.

7. Vegetables

Also high in fluids and nutrients and low in calories, vegetables are ideal for weight management. Although scientific evidence is lacking, asparagus has often been suggested to be beneficial in fighting cellulite due to its folic acid content. Some suggest that folic acid helps stabilise mood swings and decrease stress levels, which indirectly can affect fat storage in the body.

8. Plant Based Proteins

Plant based proteins may also be beneficial for those with cellulite or those trying to prevent it as they help to build muscle instead of fat and may assist in strengthening existing cells. Good sources include legumes, beans and peas, quinoa, and bulgur.

9. Foods high in vitamin C

There is some evidence that high vitamin C intake may boost collagen levels, which is a protein found in the connective tissues of the body. This may strengthen tissues and reduce appearance of cellulite. Good sources of vitamin C include fruits such as oranges, lemons, berries and pineapple.

10. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale contain an antioxidant known as lutein. There is some evidence that this substance may increase skin hydration and elasticity and in this way reduce the appearance of cellulite due to increased skin health.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Cellulite


#Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Some natural ways to get rid of cellulite or to reduce the symptoms are massage and herbal soaks. These techniques help increase blood circulation, and reduce the appearance of the cellulite. Improving circulation will in return help the release of toxins and excess fluids from your body. The massage needs to be done vigorously, to deeply work the skin and target the fat collections beneath the skin tissue.

Herbal soaks also help release toxins and increase circulation. You can have a simple herbal soak in your own bathtub. Lemon peel, lavender, and seaweed are useful herbs in combatting the effects of cellulite.

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