Why Can’t I Lose Weight?


Why Can’t I Lose Weight

Let’s take a look at a couple of case studies of two typical people that I have come across in the gym over the years. The first one Susan and the second Debra.

Susan is desperate to lose weight; she has been struggling with her weight ever since she was a teenager. She has read every diet book there is, she gets very motivated every now and then and jumps full steam into the most popular diet and exercise class of the moment that all her friends have told her about. But as soon as she doesn’t instantly lose weight she gets discouraged. After working out hard and eating right for two weeks she only loses 2 pounds. She feels like it’s just not working for her. Everyone else is dropping weight quickly. She thinks she is doing something wrong so she gives up and has a binge night out and gains the 2 pounds that she worked so hard to lose over the past two weeks.

On the other hand, Debra wants to lose some weight and realizes that she has not been taking care of herself like she used to. She has been very busy with work and the kids and has put on about 20 pounds over the last 5 years. In light of this, she hires a personal trainer and works out with him at the gym two days a week, walks outside on her off days and follows a healthy all natural diet. But after two weeks of training she does not lose any weight but she does not get discouraged. She feeling better even though she haven’t had any weight loss yet. She does not panic and give up. She knows that if she sticks to the program the weight will eventually come off and she is appreciating how much better she feels living a more active healthy lifestyle.

Why Can’t I Lose Weigh

The big question is, which one are you? Are you Susan or Debra?

If you are a Susan you have to realize that losing a pound a week is great. It’s 10 times better then gaining a pound a week and 100 times healthier. If you lose one half a pound a week for one year you will be 25 pounds lighter by your next birthday. Losing weight and exercising is a life long pursuit. Slow and steady progress is the key to success with occasional setbacks.

What I recommend to anyone who thinks like Susan and gives up on every program they try that does not give them instant and dramatic results is, hang in there. Pick a diet, aerobic and muscle-building program that you can stick with for a year or more. There will be some weeks when you won’t lose any weight while other weeks when you will.

There will be days when you over eat and wake up 2 pounds heavier but don’t quit. That 2-pound weight gain is not real; its water weight from most likely eating salty processed foods. What you have to do is get right back on the program and the 2-pounds or more, will come back off. The secret to losing weight and staying in top shape is consistency. You can’t give up if you have a non-weight loss week or a binging night out resulting in some water weight gain the next day. You have to stick with the program.

Naturally, there are quite a number of good diet and fitness programs on the market. However, I want it to be as easy as possible for you to get started by giving you a couple of my favorite program recommendations. When it comes to muscle building I like Visual Impact for Women and Visual Impact for Men. These two programs will make you firm while not bulking you up. When it comes to diet my favorite program is Eat Stop Eating.

I hope this post makes you realize that anyone and everyone can be in control of their weight. No one should ever say to them selves “I can’t lose weight?”.


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